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Programs Offered


BUILDING PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS  allows us to assert ourselves in a business setting while preventing an intrusion into your personal physical space.


HOW TO TELL IF A GIRL/GUY IS INTO YOU provides insight to be able to tell if someone likes you. Quite often we get caught up in our own little world and become oblivious to the things going on around us. We are clueless to when someone has a crush on you and miss their subtle clues.


HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT PERSON looks at the obstacles to finding love. We have to know ourselves before we can find what we want from another person. You will learn where to go to meet someone, what to look for in a person and how to determine if this person is the right one for you or not.


SINGLE AND DATING IN THE CITY  helps us navigate through our singleness by knowing ourselves, knowing what to look for in a relationship, our dating behavior, making the right choices and taking the necessary steps to date someone that will enhance your quality of life. 





COURTING vs. DATING  teaches you how to build a relationship with someone where there is a friendship first keeping the romance alive, but focusing on the individual and things you have in common to have a stronger relationship which will sustain you through marriage while preserving your purity.


HOW TO MANAGE A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE  guides us in our everyday interaction with our spouse to learn how to compromise, have patience, understand one another, communicate effectively and love one another for better or worse until death do us part. 


BUILDING A SOLID FOUNDATION IN A          RELATIONSHIP is developed through taking your time to truly get to know the person; learning their personality, hobbies, family structure and relationship culture to enjoy the things you have in common.


WHY DON'T MY IN-LAWS LIKE ME discusses the issues we face when trying to start a new life with our spouse with their family still wanting them in their other family roles. We will learn how to blend in with our in-laws family structure to be inclusive in your marriage and family activities leading to being able to establish your own family structure and tradition



BUILDING SELF-ESTEEM is how a person views their opinion of themselves. You will learn how to not feel depressed, feel good about your abilities, realize your weaknesses are opportunities to become a better you, and be able to command the respect of others.


GAINING SELF-RESPECT empowers you to  treat yourself well so that others will treat you the way you deserve. You'll be able to speak up for Yourself, know your worth, establish rules for how you should be treated, and not make excuses for others disrespect.  You deserve dignity and respect and will learn how to not put up with anything less.


I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY provides you with insight on how to be a happier and healthier person. You'll walk away with tips on how to not get angry, gain patience, not let people get on your nerves, and other solutions to be happy and content most of the time.


LIVING A PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE answers the question of why we are put on this Earth. At some point we have to realize that we have a specific purpose in life and we have to be focused on using it to help others. After we figure out how we can best use our talents we can develop goals to be the best version of yourself you can be while living a life that make a positive impact on others.

DEVELOPING SELF-CONFIDENCE  helps you trust in your abilities, qualities, and judgement. You'll learn how to overcome your fear of failure, have a positive outlook on life, not let others get you down, and stop second guessing yourself. Through a high belief in your ability to control your own motivation, behavior, and social environment combined with high feelings of how you feel about yourself you will develop the confidence needed to propel you through life.


FOCUSING ON SELF AWARENESS gives you a clear and concise perception of your personality, strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivations, and emotions. You will grow a better understanding of other people, how they perceive you, your attitude, and how you respond to others. You will be able to focus your attention, personality,  words, and reactions to guide your moves in life. It's been said that perception is reality with this topic garnering you the ability to perceive life from a higher level.


THERE'S A GREAT CHEF INSIDE OF ME helps anyone be able to create a delicious meal from the comfort of their own home. We all have to eat to live, but meals are more enjoyable when the food is amazing. You'll learn how to cook a simple and basic meal that takes very little effort, but have fun doing it as well. You don't need to know any fancy recipes and techniques or possess any special skills or tools. If you have the desire to do and the willingness to try then you too can learn how to cook food you can be proud of. 

Health & Wellness

HOW TO BE HEALTHY provides insight on how to lose weight, build muscle, maintain a healthy diet and exercise properly. We all would like to live as long as possible if we could remain at our peak. Being healthy enable us to have the highest quality of life as we age. 


THE FIGHT TO PREVENT CANCER addresses this deadly disease which comes in over 100 forms. Cancer is treatable if detected in the early stages. The best way to fight cancer is to never get it. You will learn what cancer is, what causes it, what foods you can eat to prevent cancer, and effective lifestyle changes that can be made.


LEADING CAUSES OF PREVENTABLE DEATH sheds light onto the things that are most likely to shorten our life span such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, car accidents and what we can do to avoid their effects.



STRESS MANAGEMENT helps us to become aware of the things in life which make us angry and can be harmful to our professional, family and social relationships. We learn how to make time for fun and relaxation while channeling our energy in a positive direction. 


CONFLICT RESOLUTION is a way for individuals to manage issues that arise within their relationships in a constructive and healthy manner as to be able to move forward without holding a grudge, animosity, hurt feelings or violence.


COPING WITH THE LOSS OF A LOVED ONE  teaches us how to accept our feelings and in time be able to continue living our lives without someone so dear to us continuing to be a part of it.


MONEY MANAGEMENT is an essential skill to possess in today's time. Through having a plan for your money you will develop strong behaviors to help you live the life you want. You will be able to balance a budget, know where your money is going, be able to afford anything you want, and be able to retire without the need for social security.


HOW TO BECOME FINACIALLY SUCCESSFUL reveals basic steps you can utilize to be smarter with your money. Financial success is attainable at any age and it is never to late to start. You will receive tips and insight on how to achieve financial success, establish realistic goals, hear strategies the rich employ, become financially independent, and learn how to start from nothing in route to gaining financial security.


HOW TO BUILD WEALTH help you to increase your net worth. Wealth is calculated by adding up all of you assets such as your investments, home, bank accounts, and other assets minus any debt you may have. This is not about becoming rich or being able to have a garage full of fancy cars. Simply put you want to have something to show for your years of hard work and this program will provide tips on how to assist you in reaching that goal.

HOW TO BEGIN INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE prepares you to put your money to work for you while making the important first step to property ownership. Whether you are buying your first home or purchasing investment properties there are several key things you need to know. You will walk away with the motivation to start investing, learn tips to make smart business decisions, hear crucial mistakes to avoid, become mindful of what to look for in an investment, and how to be able to investment.  


GETTING STARTED IN THE STOCK MARKET introduces you to one of the best ways to save money for your long term goals. Stocks provide the highest rate of return for your investment with their dividends, royalties, lower tax, and increase in value, but also provide the highest risk. You will learn the basics of investing, how and when to invest, questions to ask before you but a stock, how to choose a broker. You will learn how an investment of only $1000 can secure you solid returns.

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